We have teams that will fulfill all your auto body repair needs.

Our Preparation Staff will see to it that your vehicle is prepared for the repairs that need to be done to it.

Our Panel Beating Section consists of a Spanesi Jig System and a Korek Straightening System that is able to correct any dents or damages that your car may have. In charge of this section of the shop, we have two Qualified Grade “A” Panel Beaters.

The Paint Shop Section has an Aero Cure Spray Booth where our team of highly qualified spray painter will give your auto mobile the best paint job, with detail to perfection. There in a paint room where special detail will be added to your car’s paint job. Also, there are Double Prep Bays where the finishing touches to your car’s paint job will be done to make your paint job immaculate and perfect.

Two Qualified Motor Mechanics are in charge of the 2 Post Hoist Lifts that can carry 4,5 tons of weight to give the specialist working on your car the best view to see exactly what is needed and how we can make your car like new again.

We have Trisk Infrared Lights to create extra heat for your car’s paint job to dry quicker so that our work can be as quick and efficient as possible so that you can receive your car back in a short a time as possible.

Our Boiler Makers make use of Air-Cooled Spot Welders to produce the most perfect and seamless work to your car the best result in your car and also keeping the cost to a minimum.

We also focus your headlights with our accurate Headlight Focus Machine to give you the best view at night without disturbing the sight of oncoming drivers.

Also we have a 12 Tons Press to be able to remove any difficult object such as removing a wheel bearing out of a spindle. The Assemblers ensure that all parts are assembled correctly and fitted to your car to perfection that it looks just like new.

Our Cleaning Team will sure that your vehicle is absolutely spotless and as clean as the day you bought it.

Lastly we will give your car a good polishing job so that it sparkles when you see it.


To us at Golden Star Auto Body Repairs, quality of workmanship and client satisfaction is of utmost importance. We there challenge ourselves in giving the best possible service to our clients and always looking at where there is room for improvement.

We are able to offer our clients a 3 year guarantee on work done by our staff at Golden Star Auto Body Repairs, and a lifetime guarantee on all paint work offered by the paint manufacturer.